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Web Design


It’s never been more important to have a fast, functional, user-friendly website. Whether you’re looking for a simple lead-generation landing page or a central hub for all of your business operations, Carlene Can make your home page your home on the web. 


Gather Assets


Before we begin, we’ll need to collect all of your assets. That means first completing an inventory of what digital items you have available for use on your website.  You’ll want to collect your logo files (vector preferred), branding guide (if applicable) and all of your high-quality photos. Stick them in a Google Drive folder and send them my way! 



After you’ve collected your assets, we can begin mapping your new website through a process called wireframing. We’ll sketch out a concept for your home page. If you have a sales funnel, be sure to send that with your assets so we can wireframe in a way that compliments your existing sales process.

Build Out


After we have all our materials and our blueprint, I’ll begin building your website. I always start with the homepage then send a link for you to sign off on. If everything looks good, I’ll continue building until we have the full website constructed. 



When you’re happy with your website build out, we’ll buy the tools you need to make it go live. You’ll need a hosting plan and domain and perhaps some premium upgrades, depending on your website needs. Don’t worry– I’ll be sure to include the details of what your website needs before we begin any work so there’s no fear of sticker shock. 


When you’ve signed off on your web design and secured a domain and hosting, I’ll schedule an overnight migration. This is particularly helpful if you already have a website and would like to avoid any disruption to the original website. This is typically scheduled between 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on Friday evenings. 

Get Started on Your New Website

Ready to jump in? Let’s begin onboarding you. You’ll start by gathering your assets, placing your deposit and signing a contract that outlines the scope of work, rights to what we create together, payment terms and project timeline.