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Advertising and Paid Reach

Thinking about adding an advertising strategy or already have one?

Carlene Jackson is an experienced media buyer for both
small businesses advertising with Facebook and Google to multi-location
retail establishments advertising on TV and radio across DMAs. 

Radio, Broadcast and Cable TV Advertising

Carlene Can serve as your agency of record when making traditional media buys on radio and TV. I’ll offer expert advice on placement, rotation, budget and audience targeting,
all with no minimum ad budget. 

Generally speaking, these stations will pay me a 15% commission on your media buy, making my advertising expertise free to you. 

Traditional Advertising

PPC, Paid Search & Boosted Social Media Ads

Carlene Can help guide your online advertising efforts with data and analytics tools
that help to capture leads and drive conversions.

You’ll get the same expert advice as traditional advertising clients do with an added layer of data to add color to your campaign results.

Digital ad management is free to traditional ad campaign clients with a monthly TV and/or radio budgets of $5,000/ month or more. 15% surcharge for all others. 

Digital Advertising

Start Your Advertising Strategy

Let’s evaluate your budget, objectives and creative to begin a
customized advertising strategy for your small business.