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Thinking about adding an advertising strategy or already have one? From Facebook and Google to TV and radio, Carlene Can help create an advertising strategy for your business at little or no cost to you. 

Media Buying


If you’re already advertising on tv or radio, let’s take a look at your budget and see where your money is going and if you’re happy with your results. I can evaluate your strategy against the available options and negotiate with media outlets to get you competitive rates on a plan that fits your needs. 

Monthly Reporting


Every month, I’ll give you a recap of what you spent and where you spent it. These reports can be tailored to your business objectives and other goals so you can see the data that matters most. 

One Stop Billing


Rather than paying multiple invoices to multiple media vendors, simplify your advertising billing with a single monthly invoice from Carlene Can. You’ll still get copies of all the media affidavits, if you’d like them, but only worry about cutting a single check.  

How it works


Television and radio stations love working with marketing agencies and consultants. They give us a 15% commission on most of your media buys.

Typically, it looks like this:

You, the business owner, can go to your local tv station and buy a $100 ad all by yourself. This is a great option if you have the time to manage your own marketing and maybe some experience with advertising.

Alternatively, you can work with an advertising agency like Carlene Can, utilize our software, tools and expertise and pay the exact same $100, while your agency earns $15. Win-win-win! Not every agency is quite this simple so be sure to ask about any retainers, media buy minimums or other stipulations if you’re shopping around. 

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