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Welcome to Work in Progress!

Welcome to Work in Progress! I have a lot of really exciting things going on at Carlene Can and I figured this would be the best way to showcase the projects, clients and designs I’ve been working on lately. One of my absolute favorite things about marketing is that it’s an ever-changing landscape. There’s always a new skill to learn, new strategy to try, new tool to use. In Work in Progress, I want to share everything I’m learning with you.

Stir Crazy RVA

My hope is that you can avoid the mistakes I will inevitably make, maybe find some free and low-cost resources that will help you grow your business and if I’m really lucky, you’ll come get a cup of coffee with me sometime. Looking for a little free advice? Let’s talk! I’m located in Northside Richmond, Virginia and will gladly get a hot cuppa with you at a local coffee shop, like my favorite, Stir Crazy RVA on MacArthur. If you’re too far away, let’s set up a video call. Or, let’s start a conversation right here on my blog. Leave a comment, shoot me an email or message me on Facebook. I’m always down for a good talk. In the meantime, let me get you up to speed on what’s been going on around here.

I’m back full time!

I’ve enjoyed spending time serving as the Creative Director and later Media Strategist for Easy Step Media since January 2018. I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to share that new knowledge with my clients. At this point, I have several big projects I’m working on, so I had to make the tough decision to step down from my full time role at Easy Step Media so I can focus all of my attention on helping to develop Carlene Can into the full-service agency I know it can be.

I’m getting an office  

To prepare for this, I’m getting an office! I found the perfect spot right here in Northside Richmond. Keep your fingers crossed that they accept my application and I can move in in April. My vision is to make the office a creative planning space where my clients will be able to come in and join me in hands-on brainstorming sessions to plan and execute the marketing plans of their dreams. I’d like to see lots of whiteboards with magnets and colored dry erase markers where we can let our ideas run wild… stand by for updates over the next few weeks.

I’m taking new clients…

… but only a few. At the moment, I have space to support up to three more clients. After these three, I’ll be building a waiting list until I can begin hiring staff to support more accounts. I’m really enjoying the project management I’ve been doing lately and would love to take on at least one more project management client. I have one client about to launch their new product and when they do, I’ll be able to share how I helped to identify an action plan and guide their team to a successful launch. Check back soon!

How Can I help?

I really want this blog to be a valuable resource. What tools and insights can I share that will help you meet your business goals? What questions can I answer? After I hit the publish button, I’m going to fix up the website and get it ready for it’s official re-launch on April 1. Let me know what you think of the new look! Please comment with anything you’d like to see in upcoming posts from Work in Progress.

Let's talk.