For Businesses

Graphic Design

Carlene Can specializes in social media optimized graphics. Whether you need a logo or an Instagram-ready ad, Carlene Can is prepared to provide you with with beautifully created graphics that meet any need. Although digital graphics are my specialty, print-ready graphics are also available.

Editorial Calendars

The key to growing a thriving community is consistency in posts. Whether you’re blogging, posting on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s important to create a strategic plan. With my unique method, you can be sure you’ll never run out of content ideas whether posting on one platform weekly or three platforms twice a day.

Community Management

Some business-owners and decision-makers start off managing their own social media. They’ve seen the benefits its had for them and their communities have flourished! Just like gardens and children, online communities require lots of attention. Get back to business and let Carlene Can manage the social media baby you grew.


From 140 characters up to 140 pages, someone has to sit down, take the ideas and turn it into a comprehensible composition. If you’re no wordsmith, outsource your copy to Carlene Can.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep your clients interested and coming back for more. With a fully branded template, creative campaigns and engaging call to actions, Carlene Can help you utilize this powerhouse of a tool most effectively.

Google My Business and Analytics Reporting

Ever looked at your website stats and just cock your head to the side? Have questions about keeping your listing at the top on Google Maps? Allow me to simplify the data into understandable insights from how many people are viewing your page regularly to what page they close the window. These layman’s reports will help you to communicate with your web designer about your changing needs and how to best optimize your website for business growth.

WordPress & SEO

WordPress is the preferred software of more than 75,000 websites online and Carlene Can is one of them! With years of experience in this software and SEO specific to it, Carlene Can help keep you at the top of the search rankings.

For Individuals

Resume Polishing & Cover Letter Writing

Time to move up from your entry-level job into something more deserving of your skills? Just entering the workforce? Changing careers? Carlene Can make your resume stand out in a sea of applicants. When paired with a distinguished cover letter, you’ll increase your odds of landing the interview and put yourself one step closer to the job of your dreams.

Personal Branding

Sometimes a simple monogram isn’t enough to really showcase who you are. Perfect for individuals and families who want one-of-a-kind stationary and decor, consider this modern approach to the family crest.

All services are billed through PayPal. Payment is to be made in full before files are remitted. Graphic design rates are variable and subject to change from original quote based on the number of revisions required. A deposit may be required before work can begin. All community management and ongoing services must be paid in advance. 

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