Wow, it’s been ages since I punched out a blog post for Carlene Can! I’ve spent the past year really busy on how to refine my services down to something affordable and useful for all of my clients. As you may know, Carlene Can specializes in serving small to mid-sized businesses with their digital marketing efforts. My primary focus is on social media marketing but I help with all sorts of projects from graphic design to web design and printing to consulting. One area I really love helping in is email marketing. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses are stuck between paying for quality software and DIY-ing their email marketing or using a free software and paying for professional marketing help.

When it comes to affordable marketing, partnerships make professional marketing possible.

It was this conundrum that really changed the way I do business. I want my clients to have quality products that have a strong track record of helping similar businesses meet their goals but I also want my clients to have budget to delegate the marketing brain power to me or another skilled digital marketer. It only made sense to have the software providers subsidize my clients’ costs.

I started off by partnering with Constant Contact to get them to help with the costs. Most of my clients like to do intermittent email marketing– they only send emails when they have something important to say. Rather than charging them a monthly service fee and sending a bunch of emails that their customers don’t want, Constant Contact pays me a small fee for managing the account and my clients only pay me when they want to send an email. Win-win-win!

Since then, I’ve been fostering relationships with other companies that help to offset costs. Carlene Can works with a bunch of website hosting providers which helps to lower the cost of our lead generation websites, we work with Google to provide discounts on professional email service and even some online retailers like Amazon and Staples to get you discounts on products you may want, like business card holders.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I value transparency in business. As part of my continued commitment to excellence in affordable marketing, I want you to know how we are keeping our prices low while still providing superior service and products. If you have any questions about services or discounts, please know I’m always an email away and happy to share how I do what I do.

Have a great week!

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