So you’re working with a social media business and they need know how to accept an agency request on Facebook, huh? I’ve got you covered! It’s a pretty simple process that you can follow in this photo tutorial. Before we begin, please make sure you’re on a desktop computer. Working from a cell phone can be really challenging.

Step One: Go to Your Page Settings

This part is easy; I believe you can do it! Visit your business page and select settings. At the time of writing this (Nov. 2016) the settings button is in the top right of the white bar where you can see your messages, notifications and page insights. From there, select the Page Roles tab on the left panel. That should bring you here:

How to accept an agency request on Facebook.

You’ll see a section titled “Pending Partner Requests” and if you’re a client of mine, you’ll see Carlene Can, LLC, my business page’s profile picture and the roles I’m requesting. Go ahead and tap that “Respond to Request” button so we can move on to

Step Two: Respond to Request

How to accept an agency request on Facebook.

Assuming you’re a client of mine, you’ll click that check mark next to “Give Carlene Can, LLC. access to my Page” so we can start working together. Then you’re almost finished!

Step Three: Confirm

It’s your last chance to back out! Just kidding. You can revoke agency access at any time. But just to be safe, Facebook wants you to tap the Accept Request button you’ll see on this screen.

How to accept an agency request on Facebook.

Step Four: Sit Back and Enjoy Social Simplicity

How to accept an agency request on Facebook.

That’s it! You’re done! Your chosen agency now has access to your page and can do all the great stuff they talked about with you before sending this request.

If you don’t have an agency you’re working with on your social media needs, I’d love to be considered! I try to keep things as simple as this tutorial. If you’re ready to take a walk down easy street, fill out the form below and I’ll get back with you ASAP.

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A special thanks to my friend and colleague Christina Hudler of Crystal Coast Doulas for grabbing these screen shots for me. If you or a loved one is expecting a baby in Eastern North Carolina, go check out her Facebook page and see how she can help you prepare for your unique birth in the way that’s right for you.

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