For the millionth time, I managed to mess up my blog. Perhaps this time it was for the best. As Carlene Can has transitioned away from being a personal narrative and moved into being a small business, maybe this was the Universe’s way of telling me to stop over-sharing about my life and start sharing about my business instead. I’m taking the hint, Universe!

What I’ve always loved about blogging is the informal nature of it all. It doesn’t get cited in any credible works. It’s not supposed to be a go-to for information. It’s just someone talking about something they know a thing or two about. Well, I know a thing or two about blogging, social media and online presence and I guess that sort of thing is worth sharing, if I still have any credibility after completely deleting every file for my site off the face of the internet.

So lesson number one, if you’re listening, is to always, always, always back up your files! Depending on who you are hosting through, you may be able to set up automatic backups. I like to have multiple copies of everything– all the more reason this situation is making me so angry… it’s just so unlike me to not have a copy of a copy somewhere! It may be worth keeping a folderĀ on your computer, an external hard drive or a flash drive with all of your blogging and website data handy. Break it down by year, month, day, then include content as a word or text doc, meta data, any graphics and related files. Periodically download your website data and store it in the same folder so if you end up like a pickle I’m in, it’s as simple as re-installing WordPress and uploading your files to your server.

Technically, I was kind of good about this. I found all of my old blog posts from before my web design redo as well as all my graphics. What I lost was a new series I was working on and the two most recent posts I published. So much for my personal finance series… That said, I have no intention of reformatting them and including them on at this point. I’m taking the cosmic advise that’s been thrown at me and going back to the drawing board. The good news is, I know my brand, my style and what I want out of my website so I was able to get it back up and running (with a few improvements at that!) in just a few hours.

Have you ever lost all of your data? Were you able to recover any of it?

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