Introducing the New Social Starter Plan

Social Starter

Requires 12 month commitment. 10% discount when paid in full. 

You Don't Have to Market Yourself Alone

Social media and other web-based marketing are undoubtedly some of the most powerful tools available to build brand awareness, gain new leads and stay connected with clients and consumers. Don't try to keep up with the trends alone. Carlene Can help you meet your marketing goals. With an action plan designed around your needs, you can put the odds in your favor when trying to grow your business online. Fill out this form for a complimentary 30 minute consultation. 

What My Clients Say

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Matthew Reinaker Assurest
Carlene has helped me on a number of projects and is consistently one of the most professional, responsive and creative people I've worked with. She has a keen insight for business and is invaluable as a strategic planner. She helped me organize a publishing calendar for my social media marketing campaign and always has unique and original ideas for marketing I never would have considered. She is also very trustworthy - in several cases she recommended against a few ideas she didn't think were in the best interest of my company, even though they would have benefitted her directly. I have complete faith in her work and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
Joy Kraynak Joyful Birth Services

I have known Carlene professionally for over three years. During this time I have come to admire her creativity, integrity, and business savvy. Carlene has designed numerous promotional items for my business and has helped me implement successful online promotions. I truly believe that Carlene's support is a key factor in my increased online presence, rise of my Google ranking, and overall business growth. Carlene always gives my projects as much time and attention that is necessary and she seems very pleased to do so even though I know that she typically does much larger scale work for other companies. When she is consulting with me, it feels like I am her only client. I would never hesitate to recommend Carlene to anyone in need of graphic design or online business consulting.

Services Include

Social Starter

A comprehensive, digital start-up plan for small businesses.

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Graphic Design

Package deals for logos and social media optimized graphics are my specialty.

Editorial Calendars

Whether you manage your own social or need Carlene to do it for you, a strategic plan is key to success.


Statuses, Tweets and blog posts don't write themselves!

Email Campaigns

Stay at the front of your clients' minds with thoughtful emails and creative promotions.

Analytics Monitoring & Reporting

Those are a lot of numbers to try to understand. Let me simplify it for you.